Our University’s New Campus: Hagia Sophia Campus

In the esteemed presence of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Directorate General of Foundations handed over the Madrasa of Ayasofya to FSMVU as the new campus named Hagia Sophia Campus.

Tracing the history of Ayasofya Madrasa to the conquest of Istanbul, it has been subjected to recurrent construction, demolishing, reconstruction, and repairment during its lifetime. Its journey from madrasa to orphanage to FSMVU Campus in 2022 aligns with its original goal of being an educational center.

Hub of Research Centers and Artistic Activities

The Hagia Sofia Campus is an appealing location for a variety of research centers, which include: The Center for Hagia Sophia Studies, Sultan Mehmed II. and His Period Application and Research Center, Islamic Arts Practice and Research Center, Islamic Law Application and Research Center, Evliya çelebi Research Application and Research Center, Research Foundation (Vaqf) Research Center, Visual Communication and Design Application, and Research Center.

In addition to that, the library at this campus is the artifact of the cultural history publication of Ayasofya Madrasa. Its courtyard provides a fantastic arena for artistic and cultural activities within the campus. The Hagia Sophia building provides us with prime motivation to sustain Hagia Sophia as a recurrent subject in the scientific field as an unmatched information source for future generations.