TÜMER - Turkish and Foreign Languages Research and Application Center

Turkish has become one of the most needed world languages in today's world where multilingualism and multiculturalism is gaining importance day by day. Turkish history and international policies have undoubtedly contributed to this fact. We have started giving education having the history and cultural background and civilization of Turkey in mind with a slogan of “We not only educate our students but also value them”. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University TÜMER, Turkish and Foreign Languages Research and Application Center has started giving education in 2012.

We give education in accordance with common European framework of reference for language in modern, full-equipped classes and keeping four basic ability of a language (listening, reading, writing and speaking) and offering a fast and efficient language teaching. The purpose of TÜMER is to teach world languages to everybody and provide education, support researches and publish them. We would like to pioneer the developments in this area. TÜMER has been configured according to the criteria of all Common European Language levels of Basic (A1-A2), Intermediate (B1-B2) and Advanced (C1-C2).


Levels Duration Total Hours
A1 7 Weeks 140 Hours
A2 7 Weeks 140 Hours
B1 7 Weeks 140 Hours
B2 7 Weeks 140 Hours
C1 7 Weeks 140 Hours




Morning Classes:                 09.00 - 12.30 (Monday thru Thursday)

Afternoon Classes:              13.00 - 16.30 (Monday thru Thursday)

Evening Classes:                 17.00 - 20.15 (Monday thru Thursday)


Weekend Classes

Friday:                                   09.00 - 12.30

Saturday:                               09.00 - 14.00

Sunday:                                 09.00 - 14.00


  • Exams covering all the aspects of the language are given at the end of each level and successful students continue their education at a higher level. Students are eligible to receive a certificate after successfully completing each level. These certificates are valid in all universities in Turkey and in many parts of the world.
  • Our education system in TÜMER is based on the four basic language skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking. Students are given assignments, projects and extracurricular activities in order to comprehend and use all these skills.
  • With the use of audio and visual tools in our classes we aim to help students with different interests and skills to comprehend the Turkish language quickly and more easily.
  • Formal classes are held Monday thru Thursday with an activity class on Fridays. These activity classes take place in the form of tours, promotional events, film screenings and concerts in order to better acquaint the students to Turkish culture and the practical daily usage of the Turkish language.
  • Applications to TÜMER can be made throughout the year.
  • Required documents for Application: Photocopy of Passport, 2 Photographs and payment of the course fees.
  • The center is in cooperation with the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities.
  • Additional courses in Academic Turkish Reading & Writing is also provided.

Location: Halic Campus


Director: Ayşe Çipan



Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University's Center For Continuing Education (FSMSEM), was founded to provide lifelong education, research and consultancy support for individuals and institutions from every segment of society, to produce unique solutions with the highest standards in the light of the philosophy of lifelong learning, by the guidance of the values of our culture, to achieve continuous development, to become efficient in modern science and technology with an open-minded attitude and internalized ethical values.


  1. Specialization Programs
  2. Corporate Training Programs
  3. Personal Development Programs
  4. Language Training Programs
  5. Update Programs
  6. Training Consultancy
  7. Short and Long Term Training
  8. IŞKUR Employment Guaranteed Education Projects
  9. My University Partner School Projects
  10. Television Journalism Education Projects
  11. Corporate Reputation Surveys
  12. Customer Profile Researches
  13. Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  14. Social Trends Researches
  15. Social Texture Researches


Location: Topkapı Campus


Director: Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Avcı


CAREER CENTER - Career, Entrepreneurship And Vocational Testing Center

We help our students, graduates, and alumni to make informed decisions about their futures by providing comprehensive resources, programs, training, seminars and counseling on career development, personal development, internships and employment by coordinating projects and partnerships between our academic units and various national and international public and private organizations. We also provide a comprehensive center for our students and graduates so that they can test and evaluate their characteristics and abilities.

Location: Topkapı Campus


Director: Soner Örnekol


FSM-UZEM (Distance Learning Center)

The Distance Learning Center has been established to carry out the planning, programming, coordination and implementation of e-learning based associate, undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, lifelong and all other courses of the university that will be taught remotely. Courses are followed over the Internet and the students can access video lessons and notes at anytime and anywhere by connecting to the online system. Examination for the courses are conducted in the campus using the test method coordinated by the Distance Learning Center.

Location: Halic Campus


Director: Dr. İlhami Danış



The Project Management Center was established to mediate and manage the Intellectual knowledge and expertise generated by our university in order to be shared with the public. Our commercial enterprise allows the prototypes manufactured in-house in our centers and laboratories, projects, provided services, consultancies and training to meet and interact with the public.

Completed Projects

  • Dynamic Hybrid Learning Model Related Simulation and Testing Update (supported by TUBITAK)
  • Aluminum Manufacturing Technology Education, Research and Testing Centers Project (supported by ISTKA)
  • Short Film Workshop Project - in Partnership with Istanbul Design Center (supported by İSTKA)
  • End User IT Academy for Administrators and Auditors (supported by İSTKA)
  • KURAM - Research Center for the Conservation of Cultural Property of Foundations (supported by İSTKA)
  • Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Reduction in Aluminum Manufacturing Facilities (supported by İSTKA)
  • Zeka İstanbul (supported by İSTKA)
  • Enderun Children's University (supported by İSTKA)
  • Istanbul Women's Employment and Entrepreneurship Center (supported by İSTKA)
  • Istanbul Emotion Atlas Mobile Application (supported by İSTKA)
  • Biomedical Electronic Device Design and Research Laboratory (supported by İSTKA)
  • ”Find Out. Make a Difference.” Life Skills Program (supported by İSTKA and Istanbul Provincial Education Directorate)
  • Independent Future (supported by İSTKA and Üsküdar Municipality)
  • Aluminum Testing, Training and Research Center (supported by İSTKA)
  • There Is Another Way To Fight (supported by The Green Crescent Foundation)
  • From Ahmet Yesevi to Present Turkey – Kazakhstan’s Civilization Bridges (supported by the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities)
  • Pioneering Youth in the Fight Against Addiction (supported by The Green Crescent Foundation)
  • 2nd Turkey - Africa Relations Symposium - Future Perspectives Project (supported by TIKA)
  • Tele-Health Istanbul Project (supported by İSTKA)
  • You Are The Value Project (supported by İSTKA and Üsküdar Municipality)
  • Mothers of Cancer Free Life I-II-III Projects (supported by KOSGEB)

Location: Fatih Campus (Rectorate)


Coordinator: Omca Altın