Faculty of Fine Arts

This faculty is based on an understanding of an education system cultivating individuals who are loyal to their society's culture and values with a contemporary and open-minded approach. The faculty's aim is to be an internationally-renowned establishment which helps the proliferation of art in society, as well as conveying an aesthetical sensitivity. Additionally, providing a sense of social responsibility, The Faculty of Fine Arts encourages researchers and leading artists. Hence, our faculty contributes not only to the traditions and the culture of the world, but also opens up new horizons in arts and practice.

Location: Kandilli Campus

Website: http://gsf.fsm.edu.tr/ 


Programs Offered:

Department of Traditional Turkish Arts

The primary goal in this institute's programs within the field of Traditional Turkish Art (Calligraphy, Ornamentation Art, Miniature, Glazed Tile, Binding, Hand-Carved, Carpet- Rug-Cloth designs) is to preserve and cherish the traditional, and to evaluate it within the current artistic understanding. The program aims to create an educational environment which will enable students to produce authentic designs with a priority of style and authenticity by using the correct materials, patterns and technical information in all fields.
* B.A. in Traditional Turkish Arts

Medium of Instruction: Turkish

Duration of The Program: 4 years

Language Requirements: Turkish C1

Areas of Work After Graduation:

  • Academic Career
  • Art Ateliers
  • Consultant
  • Public Institutions (Municipalities, Directorate of General Foundations, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, National Palaces, Archives etc.) Museums
  • Libraries
  • Education Institutions
  • Restoration and Conservation Center Laboratories
  • Textile
  • Theatre
  • Cinema
  • TV Sector
  • Art Teacher
  • Possibility of Individual Working

2018-2019 Program Curriculum


Department of Graphic Design

The purpose of the program is to prepare graphic designers who are equipped with the knowledge and skills of graphic design and capable of communicating with the modern structure of the world. As the fine arts have a fundamental function in teaching graphic design, it will be made possible for the students to actively and properly use the visual language with the help of their creativity and skills in the duration of the program.
* B.A. in Graphic Design

Medium of Instruction: Turkish

Duration of The Program: 4 years

Language Requirements: Turkish C1

Areas of Work After Graduation:

  • Academic Career
  • Advertising
  • Printing House
  • Packing Sector
  • Press – Publication
  • Media and Communication
  • Social Media
  • Cinema
  • Art Instructor
  • Cartoon Industry
  • Directing
  • Photography
  • Teaching
  • Possibility of Freelance Working
  • Museum and Exhibition Expertise
  • Web Design
  • Game Sector

2018-2019 Program Curriculum