The Faculty of Islamic Sciences aims to be a pioneering and qualified institution of higher education, by both national and universal standards, that produces knowledge on the specific and universal values of religion in compliance with academic criteria and the needs of the society; interprets this knowledge according to the Islamic values and the needs of the age; transmits it in an accurate and effective way for the spiritual health of individuals and the well-being of society and through this dissemination of knowledge, preserves and improves our historical and cultural identity.

The objective is to contribute to the cultivation of self-confident and professionally competent individuals who learn the religion of Islam from its original sources in an objective way; who can generate original thought; who adhere to the principles of production, application and distribution of knowledge; who love their country, their people, the entire humanity, and their occupation; who comply with the moral, cultural and social values; and who have internalized the ideal of being of use to society and humanity.

* B.A. in Basic Islamic Sciences

Location: Fatih Campus



Medium of Instruction: Arabic

Duration of The Program: 4 years

Language Requirements: Arabic (B2+) – Turkish C1

Areas of Work After Graduation

  • Academic Career
  • Presidency of Religious Affairs (Mufti, Preacher, Muezzin, Imam, Instructor of Qur'an)
  • Teacher
  • Guidance
  • Religious Officer
  • Religious Services Consultant in all Embassies
  • Private Sector
  • Tourism
  • Translator