The Student Affairs Office (Öğrenci İşleri Daire Başkanlığı) is responsible for aiding the students in all their academic processes. Their main office is located in Halic Campus, but they have smaller satellite offices on all the campuses. The services offered to students are as follows:

  • It ensures the implementation of all decisions related to education.
  • It follows the changes in the regulations on undergraduate education, teaching and examination regulations and provides informational announcements to all academic and administrative departments.
  • Carries out the necessary procedures related to admission and registration of all students who have earned the right to register to the university’s programs.
  • Make the necessary preparations for the course registration processes and finalize them.
  • Prepares the student’s official military deferral, academic transcripts, freeze registration, student certificates, temporary graduation certificates, etc. documents.
  • Archives the student’s documents.
  • Prepares the student’s graduation procedures and graduation diploma.
  • Prepares the Academic Calendar.
  • Monitors double major and minor procedures.
  • Announces the course and exam schedules to the students.



Telephone Extension Numbers:

Haliç Campus: 0212 521 81 00 / Ext: 4037

Atik Valide Campus: 0212 521 81 00 / Ext: 6025

Çamlıca Campus: 0212 521 81 00 / Ext: 3000

Topkapı Campus: 0212 521 81 00 / Ext: 2045 & 2028

Kandilli Campus: 0212 521 81 00 / Ext: 5045