* Notes : - Besides the above exams, a high school diploma grade or a certificate or university entrance exam result may be evaluated if deemed appropriate by Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University. - There is no limitation for the validity period of th

Additional Requirements Per Program

Master's Programs

Doctorate Programs

*ALES/GRE: Applicants who do not submit an ALES/GRE score can be accepted on a conditional basis through the recommendation of the Head of Department and the approval of the Director of the Institute. Conditionally accepted students must either bring the required ALES/GRE score by the end of their first registered semester or must finish the semester with a 3.0 GPA (from a maximum 4.0) if they wish to remain in the program.

**Arabic Language:Students with low Arabic language skills must take 6 credits worth of basic Arabic language classes per semester for two semesters. Scholarships are available for successful students who wish to reinforce their Arabic language skills through summer schools in Arabic speaking countries.

***The Head of the Department may request that the Student take a maximum of 12 credits of additional courses from the Master’s and Undergraduate programs in addition to their Doctorate workloads during their course year.