Vocational School & Undergraduate Program Candidates

General Conditions

The candidates must meet the following conditions in order to be admitted as vocational school or undergraduate students at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University:

  • Must be a foreign national.
  • Must be a senior student or graduate of a high school.
  • Must not be a citizen of Turkey or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (or have a dual citizenship right of either country or for the ones who had dual citizenship but abolished either one not to have completed all high school education in Turkey or TRNC).
  • Must not have been dismissed from a higher education institute in Turkey due to disciplinary action despite meeting all other above-mentioned requirements.

Candidates with Turkish Citizenship can become International Students under the following circumstances: 

  • Students who completed and received their high school diploma from a foreign country.
  • Students carrying a Blue Card (Mavi Kart).
  • Students who have dual nationality and have abandoned their Turkish citizenship.


Required Documents

  • High School Diploma and Transcripts
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • High School Diploma Equivalency Certificate (Denklik Belgesi)
  • Language Proficiency Exam Results (Turkish, English, Arabic, etc.) (If Available)
  • Hafiz Certificate for Basic Islamic Sciences program (If Available)
  • A portfolio of work for the Department of Traditional Turkish Arts
  • A portfolio of work for the Department of Architecture (If Available)
  • YÖS exam results of other universities and/or national/international exam results (If Available)
  • At least 1 Recommendation Letter
  • Letter of Intent

*All the documents stated above must be in English or Turkish. If not, then a notarized translation must be provided.


Language Requirements


All students whose native language is not Turkish will be required to present proof of Turkish Language proficiency at a minimum level of C1. Students who fail to provide such proof must attend a maximum of one year of Turkish language preparatory course at either Yunus Emre Institute, FSMTÜMER, or other university Turkish Language centers. The duration of the preparatory course (one year) will not be counted towards the Students’ normal education period. Any more than one year and the student will start using from their scholarship periods.

Turkish Preparatory School (TÜMER): http://tumer.fsm.edu.tr/


The instruction language of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences is 100% Arabic and thus one year of Arabic preparatory class is mandatory. Before the preparatory class begins the Arabic Preparatory Department will hold an Arabic Proficiency Test, candidates who receive a passing score can start the program directly. 

Arabic Preparatory School: https://arapcahazirlik.fsm.edu.tr/


Turkish is the primary language of all the degree programs offered at all the departments at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University except the Faculty of Islamic Sciences. English Preparatory Program is mandatory. Candidates who want to start the program directly must provide proof of English proficiency. Candidates who do not submit any documents showing their level of English proficiency (TOEFL or a similar exam) will be required to take the exam prepared by the Foreign Languages Center. If they fail to get a passing score on this exam they will be required to attend one year of English Preparatory class.

Minimum English Language Proficiency Exam Scores :

  • TOEFL IBT – 72
  • YDS – 65
  • PTE Academic – 55
  • CPE – C
  • CAE – C
  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet English Proficiency Test (FSMEPT) – 65 

English Preparatory School: http://prep.fsm.edu.tr/