Located at Haliç Campus, the Career Center helps our students, graduates, and alumni to make informed decisions about their futures by providing comprehensive resources, programs, training, seminars and counseling on career development, personal development, internships and employment by coordinating projects and partnerships between our academic units and various national and international public and private organizations. The center also provides a comprehensive center for our students and graduates so that they can test and evaluate their characteristics and abilities.

Services Offered:

  • Preparing self-awareness inventories with tests and exercises to students and graduates.
  • Setup individual interviews with students and graduates to objectively evaluate their talents and interests and help with their career planning.
  • Carry out career selection and sectoral informing activities to students before they finish their programs.
  • Providing career counseling to students and graduates in the direction of their character, abilities and goals.
  • Organizing trainings, seminars and conferences in order to increase the professional and academic skills of students and graduates and to provide desired qualifications in sectors where they can be employed.
  • Conducting joint projects between the business world and the university.
  • Establish cooperation with various national and international official or private organizations in line with the aims and objectives of the Center.
  • Establishing a database for the use of information required by students and graduates and public and private sector organizations and for employment and internship opportunities.
  • Providing coordination between the companies and institutions that require personnel and students and graduates.
  • Organizing events and career days to ensure that the needs of qualified personnel of public and private sector organizations are met by university students and graduates.
  • Organizing business and organization recognition visits in cooperation with university units.


Location: Haliç Campus

Website: kariyer.fsm.edu.tr

Tel: +90 212 521 81 00 / Ext:4060

E-mail: kariyer@fsm.edu.tr