An Official Visit of Student Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus University Students Delegation

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism's General Directorate of Foundations (VGM) hosted a delegation of university students from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in Istanbul to promote Turkish culture internationally. Delegations comprised students from different departments hosted at multiple historical places in Istanbul as part of the "Dream, Discover, Devote" Youth Project. In alignment with the mission of the General Directorate of Foundations, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University was honored to give this young aspiring delegation a day trip to our Uskudar Campus on December 08, 2022. At our Uskudar Campus, they were primed about the vision, mission, overall academic outreach, and international education opportunities for students at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University.

About the Uskudar Campus

Atik Valide Complex was from Sultan III Murad's mother, Nurbanu Valide Sultan (1525-1583), and was built by Mimar Sinan from 1570 to 1579. The Kulliye in Uskudar was known as the Valide Sultan Kulliye until the 18th century. When III Ahmed's mother, Gülnûş Sultan (d. 1715), had a new social complex built in Uskudar Pier Square, it started to be known as Eski Valide, Atik Valide, or Valide-i Atik. The complex is located in the neighborhood that bears its name in the Toptaşı district of Uskudar.