Pakistan Consulate Dignitaries Meet with FSM University

In a significant follow-up to the upcoming launch of the Urdu Language Course at FSM University’s TÜMER-  Turkish and Foreign Languages Research and Application Center, key dignitaries from the Pakistan Consulate engaged in a constructive meeting with university representatives. This meeting, organized under the purview of the Tümer Center, focused on strengthening ties and facilitating the establishment of the Urdu Language Course at FSM University.

The Dignitaries include Consul General Mr. Nauman Aslam, Vice Consul General Mr. Danish Mehmood, and Consular Community Affairs Eng. Uzair Ghumman. Our Rector Prof. Dr. Lokman Gundüz, General Secretary Dr. Fatih Hasdemir, TÜMER and International Relations Office’s Heads and representatives attended the meeting.

The discussion highlighted the mutual commitment to cultural exchange and language education as a bridge between Pakistan and Turkey. The collaborative efforts of both parties reaffirm FSM University's dedication to fostering diversity and global connectivity.

Stay tuned for more updates as FSM University continues its mission to provide a platform for language learning and cultural enrichment.