FSMVU attended Caucasus Universities Union (KÜNİB) Fair at Baku

Caucasus Universities Union (KÜNİB) organized Educational Fair on 11-12 March 2023 in Baku.  Our Rector Prof. Dr. M. Fatih Andı and our Secretary General Dr. Fatih Hasdemir graced the exhibition and interacted with Azerbaijani students.

We shared information about the general structure of our university, its international student policy, the opportunities offered to students and why to study in Türkiye. We are delighted to have encountered immense interest from candidate students.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. M. Fatih Andı paid a visit to Türkiye Ambassador in Baku, Assoc. Dr. Cahit Bağcı exchanged ideas on academic collaborations and presented him our classic AyaSofya Souvenir.